You Can Achieve More

When it comes to achieving more you need look no further than Barbara Allen, she is a woman who has done the impossible. Against the odds she studied for a degree, became a teacher, psychotherapist and a producer of documentaries.

She is a powerful powerful speaker and is changing the lives of people that she comes into contact with.

MGA Brown (c) October 2016


The Freedom to Enjoy Life

One of the things which I have found that caused illness is stress, however on the flip side I have found that meditation has been a jewel which has created more joy. It has been said that the most stressful times are deaths and removals,  And undue stress can have an impact on the health. One of the things that I have found which can help to reduce stress is to have a well thought out plan. The fact is the more well organised things are could be the less stress that you have to face.

parkParks and Open Space Found to Bring More Relaxation

Meditation is one of those things which can allow a more relaxing life. There have been many books which point to the benefits of meditation. Indeed there are schools which now take away detention and replace it with meditation. The results have been amazing, the children’s behaviour has improved and the overall ability to learn has developed to a higher level.

So it could be time to look carefully at how to reduce stress and live a more relaxing and enjoyable life, using simple things like planning stress out of your life and spending time in meditation.

MGA Brown